Frequent Asked Questions


● What is Socialshops?

Socialshops dropshipping solution, designed by DHgate, powers your online business with product sourcing, social marketing and order fulfillment, a one-stop service for easy management with no risk. You can start an ecommerce business without worrying about inventory or shipping.

● Why do you drop ship with Socialshops?

With Socialshops, you can get one-stop dropshipping solution that connects your selling and buying easily.
a) No investment and risk free: If you start drop shipping with us, you won’t have to hold any inventory, you don’t need start-up cost or any other investment.
b) Quick Start and easy operation: Click on the products you want to sell and the information will be uploaded to your Socialshops store automatically.
c) Extended catalogs and qualified suppliers: You can select products only from qualified suppliers that we selected for you and get rid of the frustration of error shipment or low-quality packing.
d) Order fulfillment and full support: After purchase, just update the shipping information to your Socialshops and nothing else is needed. No worries about packaging or shipping at all.

● What are the main features of Socialshops?

Social Marketing: Bulk upload and one-click share.
Product Sourcing: Fulfill your store with millions of products.
Dropshipping: Make money easily with selected products.
Data Managing: Deal with all data on one unified platform.


● What's the price of using Socialshops?

Socialshops is free of charge for now. The future pricing plan is TBD.

● Which languages does Socialshops support?

Socialshops supports English, Spanish and Chinese.

● How can I edit my nickname on Socialshops?

The shop name can’t be changed at present. We suggest you register an email address with the shop name you like, then use it to register Socialshops. E.g. your email address is, your shop name will be amazon.

● Where can I use Socialshops?

Socialshops is designed for worldwide use, you can use our service wherever you want.

● How to start drop shipping?

There are 4 steps to quick start on dropshipping.
a) Register a Socialshops account and set up store.
b) Choose and upload the products you want to your Socialshops store. You can also edit the price and description.
c) Share your products to Facebook and manage the content marketing.
d) Make the purchase after the order and then update the shipping and tracking information.

● How can I deal with warranties, products or delivery issues?

As a drop-shipper you will act as a customer service representative for your clients and will handle all communications between Socialshops and your customer. Socialshops will have no direct contact with your customers.

Please file a claim of the order in DHgate by opening a dispute on DHgate and provide relating evidences like some photos or a short video illustrating the issue with that item. DHgate dispute resolution team will give you a solution within 48 hours.

We suggest you negotiate with your client to reach an agreement at the same time, e.g. partial refund if minor flaws, full refund or reship if the product is not the same as description completely.

● Who takes care of the logistics?

Dhgate supplier will ship the product to your client once get order from you. You don’t need to worry about the shipping at all.

● How can I track my parcel?

Please track your order in DHgate. After the seller has dispatched your order and provided the tracking number, you can sign into your account to directly track the delivery details through the “Order Details” page. You can check the logistics info by clicking “Track Item” under Action on the order tracking page. For more details, please check the link:

● What are the currencies can I use?

We support transactions made by US Dollar, EURO, Australia Dollar, GBP (Great Britain Pound), Canadian Dollar.

● Does Socialshops support online payment?

Socialshops supports cash on delivery and payment online (Paypal).

● Can I use coupons on drop-shipping orders?

Yes, you can redeem coupons on all of your orders including drop-shipping orders through DHgate.

● How can resellers communicate with consumers?

Instant message is not available right now, please communicate by Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, SMS, or call directly. We have the communication tools in the development list, please expect later.

● Will DHgate details, price paid or logo appear on my customer's package?

No. We do not write any company information on our parcels. Your customers will not be informed about the price you paid or see our logo anywhere on the package.

● How are customs and import taxes handled?

The customer is responsible for paying all customs charges and import duties. It is important that you find out more about the customs regulations of each country and inform your customers of these charges before placing an order so to avoid unexpected costs.


● How can consumers track their order?

Please fill in the tracking info of the order from your client after getting it from DHgate. The clients will be able to see the shipping company and tracking number, thus to track himself.

● How does the consumer find his account? /find his orders?

The consumer needs to register an account if he wants to buy a product from Shop A, and register another one for shop B, but the account can be the same. Now we are updating the system to enable the consumer to just register once and enjoy purchasing freely in different shops.

If the consumer forgets his password, please get it back here at by clicking [Log in] and [Forget Password] and follow the steps shown. His orders will be showed once he login.

● How can consumers buy through Facebook?

The consumers can buy through Facebook shares on mobile, it is much easier for them to make purchases. We will support orders placed on PC later.

Please note that it is your responsibility as a DHgate/Socialshops drop-shipper to enquire and inform your customers of the possible import duties and extra charges they may have to pay.

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