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-----ICSON from Spain

ICSON is the largest mobile accessory wholesaler in Spain consisting of ICSON and a sub-brand Easy Speed. With the expansion of business scale and the development of e-commerce, in order to promote your brand, get more clients and improve business efficiency it´s necessary to select a useful, efficient and economic tool to build our own online business,. After consultation and comparison, we finally chose Socialshops, the mobile tool for e-commerce supported by DHgate. It took us less than 10 days to determine the scheme and put our shop online with low cost.

Quickly have our own store

Every time customers choose the products, we will compare the price; after transaction, they will still choose these in DIPO or other APPs for B2B. In this case, we chose Socialshops to build our own online store. In this way, we have saved a lot of money and time instead of building a store by ourselves. What’s more, it also promotes ICSON’s brand influence and keeps the customers, we won’t need to worry about the price competition in eBay or DIPO anymore.

Keep old clients and discover new business opportunities

Sometimes, we couldn’t contact those clients who only purchased something in our storeonce. Selling on the street against the other competitors was the main way to attract new clients. Now it’s easy. Thanks to Socialshops, we can keep the old clients with purchase history, share the products by Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat, etc. In addition, the customers can also make purchases via their mobile phones even when they haven’t downloaded the APP. Our business experience is to offer some benefits to them and advise them to share it to their Facebook. Then, we don’t have to spend too much to get more and more new customers and business.

Keep track of our business at any time and any place

Like Whatapps and Wechat, we can send messages, images and voice messages to communicate with our customers immediatelyvia Socialshops, as well as update the products and publish promotional information.

Since we used Socialshops, we don’t have to worry about new orders coming in even if we are not in store. We not only get new order reminders, but also manage all the orders as well. With Socialshops, it is not difficult for us to keep track of our business at any time and any place.

If you are interested, please send an email to info@socialshops.com or visit our Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/Socialshops2016/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

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