4 Profitable Products You Can’t Miss in 2018

Dec 8, 2017

Some people are born to be entrepreneurs, they may get their mind ready and have their skills and experience accumulated. The only thing they miss is an opportunity, an opportunity that will make them shine and fully demonstrate themselves on their own stage.

According to the feedback of more than 40 million customers from DHgate, we have chosen 4 most suitable products for wanna-be entrepreneurs.

3D Printer Pen

Have you ever dreamed of this picture: you are drawing an Eiffel Tower on the paper, and all of a sudden, it comes true? Or if you design a beautiful dress on the paper, and then pick it up and wear it to your party. How does it sound or do you think it is just mission impossible?

Today, let’s come to see how your dream will come true with the most popular trend product in 2018, the 3D Printer Pen.

A 3D printer pen is a pen that you can draw in the air. It can help you release your imagination from the paper. With PLA or ABS plastic, it allows you to ‘write’ on any different kind of surface, or even in the air. You don’t need a computer or any software. All you need to do is to put it on charge and wait for its heating up, then you will be able to start your fantastic creation.

Here is a video to show how it works:

DHgate Price: $21-$57
U.S. Market Price: $80-$100
Potential Margin: 50%

Costume Pajamas for Baby

According to the data, the modern population growth spike is far from over. For those opportunity graspers, it means exactly one thing: babies are everywhere. Parents are spending more and more on their babies’ clothes since babies need to more particular with the materials of the clothes. It has to be cozy and 100% secure. In this case, the following costume will be perfect to sell.

You'll be amazed by the quality of this fabulous, fuzzy-wuzzy monkey costume. Fully-lined, with potable tail, endearing headpiece, and non-skid booties (complete with little monkey "toes"). Wonderfully detailed; check out that belly button! So well made, you can pass it along to little sibs and cousins. Premium jumpsuit features back zipper, ribbed cuffs, and snap legs for easy diaper changes. The tail is wired so you can pose it. Slip-on booties with slip-resistant soles are designed for indoor wear Headpiece features 3D stuffed ears and the top tuft of hair Polyester and acrylic; machine washes delicate cycle and hang dry.

DHgate: $25.64
U.S. Market Price: $38.14
Potential Margin: 32.8%

Double Hammock

No matter you want to barbecue outside in your yard, enjoy the sunbathing on the beach or go out for a camping in the wood, it will be great if you take a bed with you. A double hammock is a trend product for those outside those outdoor enthusiasts.

The hanging hammock’s wide frame and a high weight capacity of 450 pounds allow for up to two individuals to lay at once. The Double Hammock has a durable construction, designed with 100% cotton to ensure a quality and comfortable hammock for an extended period. Also, it is easy to carry. It has a small nylon carrying case that supports easy storage and transportation.

DHgate Price: $43.72
U.S. Market Price: $94.99
Potential Margin: 54%

Bitcoin Machine

Yes, it is true. You can find almost everything on the Internet, including this most popular Bitcoin machine. No matter if you are a Geek follower, you must have heard the word Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a worldwide cryptocurrency and digital payment system. Since the system is independent of any central repository or government, it’s regarded as the first decentralized digital currency. According to the estimate by the experts, the value of Bitcoin will hit $10000 by 2018.

In this case, Bitcoin Machine will be regarded as a real money maker. According to the current data, your cost of the machine will be returned in 30 days if you keep running the machine 24/7 at the speed of 10G/s. The best part of this is that, with the decreasing of the quantity of Bitcoin, the value is increasing crazily.

DHgate Price: $639.59
U.S. Market Price: $800
Potential Margin: 20%

You may also worry about the investment or inventory management. However, with Socialshops dropshipping solution, these could be easily solved because

You don’t need any inventory!

You don’t need any investment!

Also, we are going to provide you a $9 coupon as long as anyone makes the purchase through your Socialshops store. All you need to do is to follow the next 4 steps:

1. Register your Socialshops account in the following link: www.socialshops.com

2. Import the products to your own Socialshops store by the following URL or ID:

Bitcoin Machine: Product ID: 406060768
Monkey Costume Pajamas for Baby: Product ID: 404946408
3D Printer Pen:Product ID: 374702829
Double Hammock: Product ID: 397546999

3. Edit the product information (including price), push it to the store and then share on your Facebook.

4. When the customer places an order, you will then make the purchase from DHgate. Remember, you will have to put the customer’s shipping address instead of yours, then the supplier will send it to your customer directly.

Take advantage of these profitable products that are suited to a start-up business, especially when there is a chance when there is no risk and great potential margin in return. You have to grasp this perfect chance that Socialshops has provided, and take your first step to success.

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